This is the third rank in the Progress Tasks

Task Number Name Objective Reward
1 Crafting an arsenal Craft 2 new weapons 300 Gold
2 A taste of competition Finish all 5 matches in Battle Arena Flawless item
3 Yog-Sothoth Defeat the Yog-Sothoth story event 320 Gold
4 Gem collector Collect 300 gem shards 3 Supreme items
5 Perfection Loot 2 Flawless (or better) items 4 Tickets
6 Veteran of combat Fight 7 more Single Matches Flawless item
7 Item hoarder Loot 25 items 340 Gold
8 Life savings Gain 2500 Gold 6000 Magic essence
9 Completionist Complete 4 full Daily Task lists Epic item
10 Treasure hunter Start 10 Treasure Expeditions Epic item
11 Gem combination Gain 2 Level 2 gems 380 Gold
12 Investor Contribute 5000 gold to your guild Epic item
13 Arena fighter Complete 5 full Battle Arena events 400 Gold
14 Epic Loot 5 Epic (or better) items 300 Gem shards
15 Social butterfly Enter 3 valid Torch codes on the Community Page Epic item
16 Hero of combat Fight 12 Single Matches 450 Gold
17 Elite salesman Sell 25 items 7500 Magic essence
18 Good earner Gain 5000 Gold 6 Tickets
19 Gem creator Collect 1000 gem shards 500 Gold
20 Devotion Complete an entire cycle of Daily Rewards 2 Epic items

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