The Weaklings
 is a group of local gang and confront the player in Level 3. 


The Weaklings is the first faction introduced, which consists of three champions. They carry light weaponry and armor. They form a somewhat versatile group, but the lack of magic makes them vulnerable.

Killing this group will give enough experience to promote to level 4.


  • Yousef: tank of the group, plays in the melee row. Uses Penetrating Strike. He has 110 HP, 55 stamina and 10 speed.
  • Wynne: battle archer, protects Yousef from the ranged row. Uses Power Shot and Deadly Strikes. He has 79 HP, 84 stamina and 9 speed.
  • Willy: battle archer, supports Wynne from the ranged row. Uses Power Shot and Deadly Strikes. He has 79 HP, 84 stamina and 9 speed.

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