• ...Is more loot! From now until the end of the year you will randomly be given holiday gifts as you play, stored in the new Holiday tab (below chat).
  • These gifts can be used to redeem various rewards via the Holiday popup!
  • Additionally, 1 gift will also be rewarded for every $5 spent on diamonds.
  • Item Melding released (Blacksmith level 5)
  • Melding Test phase: Be sure to report any and all bugs which occur!
  • Melding rules: Use 5 items plus gold to create a new item of higher rarity (percentages shown)
  • Using items of the same type will create a new item of that type.
  • Using items of the same class will create a new item of that class.
  • Items can not be melded beyond Legendary rarity. Using Legendary items to meld provides no benefit over using Epic items.
  • Additional "Melding-like" feature "Alteration" coming soon to Blacksmith.
  • "WERT" hotkeys disabled due to conflicts
  • -WARNING: Inactive guild leader removal will be enabled by the end of the year. Any guild leader which has not logged on in over 14 days will be removed from their guild and a new leader will be appointed. If no valid leader is available the guild will be disbanded.