v1.055 changelog "Thanksgiving Pilgrim Attack" Special Event! 
  • The Pilgrim Attack event has begun!
  • New Event Boss, Collection, Player & Guild Ladders, and Achievements!
  • -You must "Check in" daily to participate in Collection and Boss attacks!
  • -Each event screen has its own help button providing a brief description
  • -Event will run for 12 days before entering the Redemption period!
  • -Event Boss: Pious Pilgrims!
  • -Collection: Pies (Max 13/day)
  • -Limited Cosmetics: Pilgrim and Explorer hats!
  • -Limited Trinket Capsule: Thanksgiving Capsule (9 new trinkets)
  • -Limited Diamond Pack: The Thanksgiving Pack
  • -Daily rewards and tasks now drop Thanksgiving Trinket Capsules
  • -Boss Ladder, Guild Ladder, and Overall achievement ranks are not final until Redemption
  • -Grandmaster Progress Quests added featuring 4 Unreal weapons in the final 5 quests!

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