One of the five Attributes, Strength is primarily utilized by Warriors, but can also be utilized by Rouges as it increases the Damage of both Classes.

Mages, however, cannot utilize this Attribute so it is highly recommended to not invest in this stat. Rather, Magic is used to increase the damage of the Mage.

This stat can be increased through Equipment that have the proper Runes, and specific Trinkets.

The table below shows amount of Damage added based on Value of Strength for a rogue.

Amount of Strength (10 base + X) Resulting Damage Increase
10 7
20 14
30 21
40 28
50 36

This means that every point of Strength increase Damage by about 0.7 for rogues. Remember to include agility for rogues since it effects damage also.

For warriors they get a larger damage from each point of Strength.

Amount of Strength (12 base + X)

Resulting Damage Increase

10 17
12 20
20 34
30 51
50 85
100 170
200 340

So warriors will gain 1.7 damage per point of Strength. 

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