The status effect is a type of secondary damage. It comes in various forms and generally lasts several turns before its effect wears off.


There are five types of status effects:

  • Burn: burning is caused by fire shots and spells. It increases damage dealt by consecutive burn spells. Loses 1 point each turn.
  • Bleed: bleeding is caused by heavy strikes, Ripping Arrow and Netherblades.  It deals damage over time. Loses half of its value each turn.
  • Poison: poisoning is caused by venom strikes and shots. It decreases the stamina of the target. Loses half of its value each turn.
  • Stun: caused by lightning spells, rogue attacks and Bludgeon. It deals no damage on its own, but rather decreases the victim's speed meter. This effect is instantaneous.
  • "Slow": caused by ice spells. It has similar effects to Stun: it decreases the speed rate of the target. This effect is instantaneous.


Whenever an attack successfully inflicts a status effect (or effects) on a target, it instantly suffers these effects. Burn, poison and bleed has their effects for multiple turns, but they wear off over time. However, multiple status effects can be cast on the same target and if it carries some status damage from a previous turn, the damage values add up (for example, if an enemy was bleeding and bleeding is caused again, the two bleed values count together).

It is impossible to prevent status effects from harm. However, their effects can be stemmed by resistance buffs.