Spring struggle
v1.063 changelog "Spring Struggle" Special Event

  • -The Spring Struggle event has begun!
  • -New Event Boss, Collection, Player & Guild Ladders, and Achievements!
  • -You must "Check in" daily to participate in Collection and Boss attacks!
  • -Event will run for 14 days before entering the Redemption period!
  • -Collection: Eggs (Max 11/day)
  • -Limited Cosmetics: None
  • -Limited Trinket Capsule: Egg Capsule (8 new trinkets)
  • -Limited Diamond Pack: The Spring Pack
  • -Pack only cosmetics: None
  • -Daily rewards and tasks now drop Egg Trinket Capsules
  • -Boss Ladder, Guild Ladder, and Overall achievement ranks are not final until Redemption!
  • -In place of limited cosmetics, this event we are launching the first part of our new Base Item Cosmetic drop system.
  • -The art for items found level 1-10 has been turned into cosmetics and now has a chance to drop in many rewards.
  • -In total, over 130 cosmetics have been added!
  • -We've added a button to the cosmetic screen to filter out these cosmetics if desired.
  • -Max skull count has been increase to 200.
  • -VIP max skull bonus has been doubled for each level.
  • -The +50% 1-time diamond bonus has been reset! (Does not apply to holiday/heroic packs)