Occurs seasonally and are accompanied by:

  • A "Check-in" system in which you can check in daily for the duration of the event to receive a Participation Award
  • A "Collection" system to collect "X" items to turn in for both a corresponding award tier (depending on amount of items collected) and a Collection Award
  • A "Boss Battle" that allows you to attack within a certain time frame with cool-downs proceeding afterwards. Your specific rank will be displayed on the "Boss Ladder" which will allow you to receive a Boss Ladder Award
  • A "Guild Ladder" that ranks guilds depending on the cumulative amount of "Boss Battle(s)" that their members have defeated. Unlocks the Guild Ladder Award
  • A limited time "Event Pack" that unlocks the Supporter Award if purchased
  • An "Overall Award" that rewards you based on your cumulative amount of awards
  • Specific Trinkets and Cosmetics designed in the spirit of the event

All known past and present events (including non-Special Events) are listed chronologically below:

Events 2014 Edit

Events 2015 Edit

Events 2016 Edit

Events 2017 Edit

  • rising sun (march 2016)
  • infected kayur (june 2016)

Note: All events before "Midsummer Bonfire" (June 2015) are NOT "Special Events", but rather "Mini-Events" They do not boast the "Check-in", "Guild Ladder", etc options that later events can. Instead, they offered Cosmetics and few offered "Collections."

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