* Slaughter Claus has arrived and is showing up in random Arena battles to cause havoc! To fight him you must search for an Arena match where he will randomly appear to do battle with you

  • Defeating Slaughter Claus provides enhanced loot with the ultra-rare chance of dropping a limited set of Slaughter Claus cosmetics! (A maximum of 30 will drop)
  • Arena record not effected by Slaughter Claus battles
  • Added "Salvage" option for VIP Convenience auto-sell
  • Added additional hotkeys for battle/Brawl
  • Battle: "w" = front/bottom, "e" = front/top, "r" = rear/bottom, "t" = rear/top
  • Brawl: "w" = lane 1, "e" = lane 2, "r" = lane 3, "t" = lane 4
  • "Slaughter's Hat" Holiday Helm beard removed
  • Improved sparkle particle effects ("Arena!" effects and various Unreals)
  • Prep for Melding

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