New Players are often faced with the duanting task of both collecting resources and using them to their utmost utlization. "There are so many different ways I can use them", they might ponder. "How can I be sure that what I am doing will benefit me in the long term?" 

While each Player has a different experience, there is a general consencus of what percipient choices regarding resources entail. This guide hopes to help Players make efficient, smart decisions on how to procure more resources and how to use them wisely.

Gold /Magical EssenceEdit

Gold and Magical Essence are the two most readily acquired resources. But don't be fooled! Generally, they are also the ones used most. 

Smart Ways of Obtaination:

  1. Run Basic Treasure Expeditions. Costing only a measly 400 gold each, the average player can run a maximum three of these smart investments at a time. They give out equipment which may be sold for either Gold or Essence. Additionally, it has been proven that a Player will always acquire a net gain. It is basically free money! (or gold, rather) 
  2. Collecting Gold from the Keep. This might seem an obvious (and free) way of obtaining a steady, unending amount of free gold, but alas, many Players seem to forget about it. With upgrades to the Keep, more gold can be earned per hour. Upgrading the Bank also expands the maximum capacity so the Player will not need to collect gold as frequently to ensure maximum utilization. With these upgrades, the Keep can become one of the top earning tools of the Player!
  3. Always participate in Brawl/Guild Warfare whenever possible. Both winning and losing these short, fun minigames are proven to drop better (more expensive!) loot than those from participating in Battle Matches.
  4. Joining a ambitious, strong guild. By winning the weekly Guild Warfare, Guild Members are rewarded with various resources, including a hefty amount of Gold and Essence. If needed, Newer Players should leave weaker Guilds for stronger ones. While this is generally frowned upon, it is necessary as the backlash of losing the weekly Guild Warfare is harsh -- you will recieve no rewards whatsoever. 

Smart Ways of Utilization:

  1. Newer Players will generally tend to need more Gold than Essence. Thus, it is recommended for them to sell all or most their unneeded equipment in Gold. My preference is to sell cheaper equipment (Boots, Gloves, and Helmets) as Essence and more expensive equipment (Armor, Weapons, and Artifacts) as Gold. 
  2. Never donate more than you can afford to your Guild, especially if you are a Newer Player. It is more important to use that Gold to upgrade your Buildings until you are able to use the Processes. Even for more experienced Players, continuously upgrading your Buildings will lead to progress. Good Guilds WILL be accommodating. 
  3. DO NOT buy items from the Bazaar with Gold, unless they have attributes that you desire. It is much easier and less costly to craft your own items using Slotted Equipment and Essence. You can even determine what attributes they will have!


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Gem Shards

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Archaic Fragments

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Refined Essence

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