Gain additional stamina and increase your stamina regeneration.
— Official description
Renewed Vigor
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Type Self Buff

60% Stamina

5% Stamina Regen 

Duration 10 Seconds
Energy cost 0 Energy

Level 18


Renewed Vigor is a Warrior ability that temporarily increases stamina and stamina regeneration. 

Renewed Vigor is obtained at level 16, and allows the stamina-lacking Warrior to regain mana in order to use abilities.  

As this ability has a 0 Energy cost, it is useful situationally if the Warrior is in need of stamina. Warriors with a significant mana pool, however, do not have this problem and so this ability can also be skipped in pursue of more useful options. 

While this ability may be attractive to use when a Warrior is low on stamina, one must keep in mind that it will take a turn to take effect. Additionally, using this ability may cause the enemy player to focus the Warrior using this skill in an attempt to kill or disable her/him before she/he is able to use an ability. 

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