Inspire your allies to fight temporarily granting your team health regeneration.
— Official description
Rally Cry
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Type Multi-target Buff 
Effect 2% Health Regen
Duration 10 Seconds
Energy cost 40 Energy
Requires Level 18 

Rally Cry is a Warrior ability that temporarily increases health regeneration, calculated by %health, to your team. 

Rally Cry is obtained at level 16, and allows the Warrior to play a support role, abeit a small one.

As this ability gives an entire party %health regeneration, one must consider the general health attribute of a party. This ability can prove to be extremely useful if your team is full of Tanks with large health pools. However, if a party is comprised of Glass Cannons, especially Mages and Rogues, it is advised to not get this ability as the health regened will be minimal. 

As such, Rally Cry is an ability only useful for a niche group in the playerbase that utilizes Champions with high health pools. 

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