Currency that can be spent at the Tournament Shop, RP is obtained through the following means:

1) Participating in the Weekly Tournament

  • Participation (Rating of 25)* will award you with 8 RP
  • Placing at Ranks 41-100 will award you with 20 RP
  • Placing at Ranks 21-40 will award you with 30 RP
  • Placing at Ranks 11-20 will award you with 40 RP
  • Placing at Ranks 4-10 will award you with 50 RP
  • Placing at Rank 3 will award you with 60 RP
  • Placing at Rank 2 will award you with 75 RP
  • Placing at Rank 1 will award you with 100 RP

2) Being a Member of a Guild that has won their Weekly Guild Warfare

  • Members will be awarded with 25 RP
  • Guild Leaders will be awarded with 75 RP

  • Note that the reward tiers menu says 50 but it's been confirmed by players to be 25.

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