They are an enemy class that you can find in story battles and ai fights. They also featured in kayur revival event which featured the spirits of the pylons being revived and elemental pylons. Like others classes Pylons have the Attributes like normal but the buffs are a mix of the other classes.


Pumpkin pylon

Pumpkin pylon during monster bash event.

Melee: no

Magic: yes

Ranged: no

Damage type:- Magic, Arcane, Fire, Nether, Ice, Lightning (depends on pylon type all can be countered with magic resist though)


Hp mod=1.65

Stamina= willpower*5

Base Speed=40


Kayur pylon- conform= +40% speed

Kayur obelisk- Assimilate= +speed +dmg, rebuild=Aoe heal

Nether pylon- Chaos= +33 Physical resistance +40% speed

Flame pylon- Ignite= +60% speed

Style: Will increase it's power and speed, Will stun or bleed players out if they aren't dealt with quick.


The leader of the pylons.


Upon defeating the story fights up to the boss the pillars will concnetrate their power into the obelisk and 3 other pylons will defend.

Obelisk - Edited

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