This will consist of things that will likely be added in future and other idea discussed between players that might be a suggestion. Will try post the discussion or comments about the updates if found.

Bank ability- Investing

Alteration (Is implemented)

Grandmaster task (Was added on 22nd nov 2015)


Guild Castle Upgrades (bestiary) unlikely

catapult unlikely

Necromancy ?

+more suggestions ?

Development stages. None of these are final, and future stages will have new points added or offset based on priorities and community discussions.

This does not include random bug fixes or other sporadic testing changes ahead.(edited)

Stage 3 - Expected Development: January 30 - Feb 11

-New Event Release
-Increased cap on Story Events
-Significant improvements on auto-tiering
-Prevent same AI matchmaking - getting repeat AI matchmaking bug?
-A deeper look into skills that have been diminished by global res
-The potential addition of new effects into brawls/gw
-A method of buying skulls for gold at an increasing cost for lazy-days or late-comers
-Code prune
-Account prune

Stage 4

-Lore Shop

Stage 5

-VIP Cleanup/Extension
-Code system improvements (new codes, automatic release)
-New Stat in graveyard

Stage 6

-New Building

Stage 7

-Treasure Expedition overhaul

Stage 8

Stage 9

Stage 10

Non-staged side items

-Ability to perform non-multiplayer battles without having to connect to external matchmaking server to significantly speed up the process
-Compressed cached party copies for faster/improved matchmaking