The original match making system was based on a rating and points were gained for wins. The rating system was matching based on levels for the most part. i.e

Tier1 - Level 15 rating < 1470 & Level 14 tier3

Tier2 - Level 15 rating 1470 to 1530

Tier3 - Level 15 rating > 1530 & Level 16 tier1

Basically there's an overlap for low rated players with the high rated of those a level below, and high rated players with the low rated of those a level above.

How rating changes...

You win:

yourTier < enemyTier - rating + 5

yourTier == enemyTier - rating + 2

yourTier > enemyTier - no change

You lose:

yourTier < enemyTier - no change

yourTier == enemyTier - rating - 2

yourTier > enemyTier - rating - 5

Once level 20 was obtained the longer level 20s had more advantage over newer level 20 so tier system was eventually integrated.

See early level 20 tier's for detail.

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