The Mystery Box is unlocked after the Academy is upgraded to level 5. Players can use Keys to open their choice of either Cryptic or Demonic Chests for a variety of loot.


Academy panel

The Academy panel. The Mystery Box panel can be accessed through the "Unlock" button.

Cryptic chest panel

The Cryptic Chest panel.

Demonic chest panel

Clicking the arrow buttons will change the panel to Demonic Chest.

The Mystery Box panel can be accessed through the "Unlock" button on the Academy panel.

The panel has two sections:

  1. The top section shows the current Mystery Box. A description of the box with its contents can be seen below the image of the box. Two arrow signs sit to the left and right of the image. Clicking on these arrow signs will transform the Mystery Box to its variation.
  2. The bottom section shows the amount of Keys that the Player currently possesses. The "Get Keys" button will open to the Shop, where the Player can purchase Keys with Diamonds. Clicking the "Unlock" button will use a Key to unlock the currently selected Mystery Box.

Drop RatesEdit

Mystery Boxes contain commonplace equipment. However, they also contain important resources such as Combat Masteries, Archaic Fragments, and Mutations. Additionally, they contain Limited Weapons that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

The drop rates for these loot are shown in the table below:

Loot Drop Rate
Combat Mastery 25%
Limited Weapons 20%
Archaic Fragment 10%
Mutations 5%
Legendary Item 2%
Unreal Weapon 0.5%

Chest DifferencesEdit

Cryptic and Demonic Chests both offer Combat Masteries and Archaic Fragments. However, they offer different Mutations and Limited Weapons.

The differences are shown in the table below:

Loot Cryptic Chest            Demonic Chest           
Mutations Aura 
Aura icon
Fleeting icon


Gigantism icon


Void Demon
Void demon
Void knight

Void Knight

Limited Weapons Boneslasher
Boneslasher icon
Cleaver icon


Reaper icon


Sickle icon


Zenith icon


Phantom icon


Driftwood icon


Cloudshot icon


Shadowshot icon


Bloodletter icon


Icicle icon


Void Blade
Void blade icon

Void stave icon

Void Stave

Void bow icon

Void Bow

Void claw icon

Void Claw


  1. Cryptic and Demonic have the same number of letters: 7!
  2. The chests have gotten plastic surgery, although some may argue not for the better. These scandalous photos show what they used to look like: