Duration June 28th 2015--July 8th 2015

v1.039 changelog "Midsummer Bonfire" Special Event!

  • -The Midsummer Bonfire event has begun!
  • -Revamped special event system with improved Event Boss, Collection, Player & Guild Ladders, and Achievements!
  • -You must "Check in" daily to participate in Collection and Boss attacks!
  • -Each event screen has its own help button providing a brief description
  • -Event will run for 10 days before entering the Redemption period!
  • -Event Boss: The Bonfire Spirit
  • -Collection: Tiki Idols (Max 15/day)
  • -Limited Cosmetics: 5 Tribal Masks
  • -Limited Trinket Capsule: Bonfire Capsule (10 new trinkets)
  • -Limited Diamond Pack: The Bonfire Pack
  • -Daily rewards and tasks now drop Bonfire Trinket Capsules
  • -Boss Ladder, Guild Ladder, and Overall achievement ranks are not final until Redemption!
  • -New Cosmetics: Magma, Brimstone, and Ember added to the Shop
  • -Brawl matchmaking room tiers updated: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10+
  • -Brawl AI team sorting bug possible fix
  • -Brawl AFK system tweaked to hopefully prevent incorrect rewards
  • -Tier 10-11 matchmaking bug possible fix
  v1.040 changelog "Midsummer Bonfire" Redemption period! 
  • -The Midsummer Bonfire is just about over!
  • -You have 6 days to claim your Achievement rewards
  • -You can no longer check in, boss battle, or find tribal masks during play
  • -Boss ladder and guild ladder rankings are final!
  • -Guild members added during redemption will not receive guild achievement rewards! If you leave your current guild before claiming your guild achievement reward it will be lost!
  • -Collection, Supporter, and Overall achievement ranks can still be increased by diamond purchases
  • -Customization Shop with categories added
  • -New console log (~) text for fixing failed AI matchmaking bug (forcePvP off). If you start a single match with forcePvP off and do not receive an AI in 15 seconds please press ~ to open the console log, click the COPY ALL button, and post it on the bug forum.
  • -Did you enjoy this special event? Let us know and we'll do more! More special events means more challenges, more rewards, & more fun!