This is the Fourth Rank of the Progress Tasks.

Task Number




1 gem craft gain a level 5 gem 750 gold
2 craftsman craft 6 new items using slotted items and essence 500 gem shard
3 battle arena veteran finish 10 full battle arena entries 1.000 gold
4 legendary loot 1 legendary item (or better) from a treasure chest 7.500 magical essence
5 essence stroge gain at least 30.000 more magical essence legendary item
6 master combatant fight 20 more single match 1.000 gold
7 master salesman sell 40 item from your inventory 10.000 magical essence
8 baron save at least 15.000 gold legendary item chest
9 gem master collect 3.000 more gem shard 1.200 gold
10 socialism enter 5 more valid torch codes on the community page legendary item chest
11 join the winners circle win 10 more single match 4 supreme items
12 battle arena master finish 20 more full battle arena entries 8 tickets
13 piracy loot 50 more items from treasure chest 1.400 gold
14 taskmaster complete 8 full daily task lists legendary item chest
15 archaeologist start 20 more treasure expeditions in search of rare items legendary item
16 craftsmith craft 4 new chest armor items using slotted items and magical essence 1.000 shards
17 grandmaster combatant fight in 30 more single matches 2.000 gold
18 lord gain at least 25.000 more gold legendary item chest
19 gem grandmaster collect 5.000 more gem shards 20.000 magical essence
20 best of the best loot 5 legendary items (or better) from treasure chest 10 tickets
21 guild devotion contribute 20.000 more gold to your guild legendary item chest
22 master enchanter craft 15 new items using slotted items and magical essences legendary item
23 battle arena grandmaster complete 30 more battle arena entries 3.000 gold
24 master archaeologist start 30 more treasure expeditions in search of rare items 3 flawless items
25 ascended complete 2 full cycles of daily rewards legendary item chest

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