RoC Lunar
-The Lunar Invasion event has begun!

  • -New Event Boss, Collection, Player & Guild Ladders, and Achievements!
  • -You must "Check in" daily to participate in Collection and Boss attacks!
  • -Event will run for 14 days before entering the Redemption period!
  • -Collection: Gifts (Max 11/day)
  • -Limited Cosmetics: 3x Lunar hats!
  • -Limited Trinket Capsule: Lunar Capsule (8 new trinkets)
  • -Limited Diamond Pack: The Lunar Pack
  • Lunar Pack only cosmetics: Lunar weapons!
  • Daily rewards and tasks now drop Lunar Trinket Capsules
  • Boss Ladder, Guild Ladder, and Overall achievement ranks are not final until Redemption!
  • Improved captcha system -Added pre-Event Boss Attack captcha check -Account sharing is now strictly forbidden!
  • We are employing various measures to detect accounts being used by more than one player.are at risk of being suspended/banned. 
  • Rule clarification
  • Event Guild Ladder - If a guild member's account is shared during an event, ALL KILLS CONTRIBUTED BY THE ACCOUNT WILL BE FORFEITTED.
  • Event Guild Ladder
  • If multiple accounts within a guild are caught sharing, THE GUILD'S LADDER SCORE MAY BE RESET TO ZERO.
  • Event Guild Ladder - If a guild is caught rotating/swapping members to maximize score, THE GUILD'S LADDER SCORE MAY BE RESET TO ZERO. -Guild Warfare
  •  (Reiteration of previous ruling) Temporarily joining a guild to participate in a guild war is forbidden. If an account is proven to have joined a guild to unfairly influence one match it will be suspended. If a guild routinely has temporary members it will be punished at our discretion.

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