The loot system is currently pretty simple. Lose and get nice loot. Win and get even better loot. Quit/disconnect and you don't get anything. Better loot pvp fights,  against AI lower loot.

See loot rarity

It's also possible to find the total loot you have gained ever. Access the dev consol with ~ or , or simply right click in game.

This is what you  should see.

[6:2:7] [MMOe] verifySalvageItem 52522 

[6:2:7] [MMOe] engineDebug: Attempt Track Progress: gain resource 

[6:2:7] [MMOe] engineDebug: Attempt Track Progress: have resource 

[6:2:7] [MMOe] engineDebug: Attempt Track Progress: salvage items 

[6:2:7] [MMOe] engineRemoveSoldItem 52522 0 1137 

[6:2:7] [PartyInfo] removeItem: 52522 

THis would be item 52,522 the remove solditem is the gold  and essence so 0 gold 1137 essence. Remember to sell or salvage item first though.

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