Unlocked with academy level 5 and then opened using keys .There are 2 types of Locked Chests. These are Cryptic and Demonic. Mutations drop at 5% Fragments at 10% Combat Mastery at 25% and limited weapons at 20%. Legendary item drop chance 2%, unreal drop chance 0.5%

Chest contain the best weapons which can't be obtained in any other way.

Cryptic chest:

Old look

New look



Mutations: Gigantism, Fleeting, Aura

Best Weapon – Warrior (Boneslasher / 50 DMG) (29 str)

2nd best weapon- Rogue (b) (Cloudshot / 33 DMG) (21 str 28 agil)

3rd best Weapon- Rogue (b) (Shadowshot / 32 DMG) (20 str 27 agil)

2nd best weapon- Rogue (d) (Bloodletter / 38 DMG) (21 str 28 agil)

3rd best weapon- Rogue (d) (Icicle / 37 DMG) (20 str 27 agil)

2nd best Weapon- Mage (Zenith Stave / 57 DMG) (34 Magic)

Demonic Chest:

old look

New look


Mutations: Void Demon, Void Knight

Best Weapon – Mage (Void Stave / 58 DMG) (35 magic)

Best Weapon – (B) Rogue (Void Bow / 34 DMG) (22str 28 agil)

Best Weapon – (D) Rogue (Void Dagger / 39 DMG) (22str 28 agil)

2nd best Weapon – Warrior (Void Blade/ 49 DMG) (33 str)

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