Below, you will find a list of the (once) prominent guilds of Rise of Champions, all of which are mostly level 25 and some nearing this. Although some may be inactive, have merged with another guild, or are simply a shadow of their former selves, their legacy still lives on.

For more info on the guilds "rank/active/power" see Guild Warfare matchmaking groups .

Status is the current status of guild.

Active= Shows up to gw, events, often seen in battle

Semi-Active= Show in some gw, events rarely seen in battles

Inactive= rarely appear in gw, dont show in events, rarely or not seen in battles, Evidence for them exists still

Moved= Members either moved to an alt guild or merged with a stronger one

Dead= Unknown if the guild physically exists or no sign of their existence is seen

Note CR# is measurement in development to stand for castle rating. Which is the total castle visuals they have and assuming all is levelled up equally. To try place guilds in a more accurate ranking. A *after the number denotes an estimate

See bottom of Guild upgrades for details.

Shorthand Guild name Guild Leader Status


BS Bloodseekers Xcoma Active 12+
TW The Wicked Dope_kix(exile)***** Inactive 16+
HB HellBound Brian_Donoghue5932 Active 16+
CC Craig Crew Craig Active 16+
MS Machin Shin Nub1369 Semi-Active 16+
TE Top Esp Eduedo1 Active 16+
RzB RazorBacks Fancypants3526 Active 12
GR Guildorama* Joseph Moved/Dead
NB New Brotherhood Dbag26 Active 16+
RB Red Brotherhood NotEnoughTime1 Moved/inactive 7
BM Blakes Minions Alx51 Moved/semi active 12*
SG SereneGuardians Sereneguardians Inactive 8
The 13th The 13th Legion Trunkz Semi active 6
HoH Heaven or Hell Mekarogue InActive 15*
SF Schadenfreude ferhat16868 InActive 12
Gang The Gang Zvengar Semi-Active 13
Bros Brothers ? Moved
Ele Elementals Frank Semi active 5
SP South Park king_avx Moved/revival 7*
CD Creeping Doom ? Inactive
420 Local 420 hgcreel Dead/Disband**** 2
Mad Madness malcolmw3866 inactive/dead
tyvm No guild tyvm ZachRE201 semi-active
CB Crazy babies ? inactive/dead
BC Blood champions rngrthomas1240 Semi active 4
CL Champions League pft Active 12
Rf RaFel Ferrochina Semi active 5
SoD Sound oF Dragon HL_Howitzer inactive
TN The Necromancy Nickienator Active
B-star Blackstar chess_mate197556 Active
CG Crveni Grifon milutin9705 inactive
GC Gentlemen's Club TheMachado semi active 3


Battleborn Straykat6182 Active 8
Cannibals Cannibal Corpse DREADSAW13544 Active 8
Cam Camelot 4theluvofcamelot*** Moved/Dead
AE Alter Egos donna58 semi-Active 10
AG AncientGuardians Dbags (alt) Active 9
Peace Peace Hundemeister Active 12
NGO New game order Salguif Active 9
Sin Singurlarity Barbara616 Active 7
IU IsUnimpressed Liberitia Inactive
IR Iron Regiment BrianJudge Semi-active 7
Mini Mini Lurutor semi active
Evo Evocati Shore thing13185 semi active 3
OS Old School Guido.Fuques Active 7
Bears Runningbear Paul15390 Active 8
TR Twisted rune 4theluvofcamelot*** Active
Eng Engineers Smith_3511 Semi-active 3
BH Blind horse Idnar5 Inactve 0
Pho Phoenix STREGO Semi-active 3
LS Lost Souls Sucker_Punch(exile) Semi-Active 8
HC Holy Cow Semi-Active
Dawg Dawg Pound Semi-Active
KC Keep Calm Semi-Active
Magic Magic Guild inactive
Trope Tropecientos ??? Semi-Active 5
AIr Airborne Red_mamba Inactive
KoT King of Titania Pfft semi active 8
Cubs Fire cubs Bill15030 inactive/revived 5
DS Deathstar Dope_kix***** Active 14
RD Rejected demons ZZnova Active
Red Dead red Redbros revival guild Active

More to come. Leaders need confirmed. If anyone reading here can fill in answer that be helpful. Any changes in a guild leadership we haven't updated is due to lack of info so need to rely on feedback.

*Guildorama seem to have all moved to Alt guilds with their leader and this guild has excited the gw pool.

***Twisted rune are the old camelot guild

*** Creeping Doom has now lost the majority of its old players

****Was murdered by Khalin(not the 1st and not the last guild to be victim)

***** The wicked created deathstar and moved to there.

Exile= They left guild at sometime and either returned or haven't and unclear who took over altough it's probably an alt of them. 

Some facts:

HoH was the first guild to reach level 25.

BM is currently the oldest active guild.

CC was first guild to reach 1bil xp and current have most with over 2bilxp.

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