Battle menu

The Battle Menu. The Player's current Battle Tier can be seen at the bottom of the menu, along with their current points, and amount of points needed to advance to the next Battle Tier.

Player advancement does not end when Players reach level 20. In fact, the difference in power rating between new and veteran level 20 Players can be many times-fold the difference in power rating between new level 20 Players and completely new level 1 Players. To combat this disparaging difference in strength, Level 20 Battle Tiers sort level 20 Players into different brackets, based on their prowess in PvP battles. When possible, Players will fight other players within their own brackets to ensure fairness. To reward Players who continuously advance their Battle Tier, Players gain a bonus in Gold and Magical Essence based on their Battle Tier ranking.


The table below shows the amount of points gained/lost depending on the enemy Player's Battle Tier and whether the match was won or lost:

Enemy Tier Difference Win Lose
Lower + 10 points - 0 points
Same + 10 points - 0 points
Higher + 20 points

- 0 points

Brawl + 20 points

+ 5 points

There are several rules regarding matchmaking:

  1. Players below Tier 5: Vanquisher will never be matched against Players who are of a different Tier.
  2. Players will only be matched with Players within a one tier difference. For example, a Tier 7 Player can never be matched with Tier 5 Player.
  3. Players will not be matched against a higher Tier Player if they are on a losing streak.
  4. Players will not be matched against a lower Tier Player if they are on a winning streak, unless the lower Tier Player is on a winning streak.

Battle TiersEdit

The table below lists the twenty three (23) different Battle Tiers, the amount of points needed to the next level, the total amount of points, and selling and salvaging bonuses that the tiers grant. Note that the points to advance and total points are missing for Tiers 18 - 23, as no Players have (reached these Tiers and) confirmed these values. Note that Salvage does not have the boost per tier like gold has yet but its on the way.

Tier Title Points to Advance Total Points Sell/Salvage Boost4
1 Centurian 100 0 4%
2 Knight 300 100 8%
3 Reaver 600 400 12%
4 Elite Reaver 1,000 1,000 16%
5 Vanquisher 1,800 2,000 20%
6 Commander 3,000 3,800 24%
7 Elite Commander 5,000 6,800 28%
8 Supreme Commander 7,000 11,800 32%
9 Conqueror 9,000 18,800 36%
10 Elite Conqueror 11,000 27,800 40%
11 Supreme Conqueror 13,000 38,800 44%
12 Grandemaster 15,000 51,800 48%
13 Elite Grandmaster 20,000 66,800 52%
14 Supreme Grandmaster 35,000 86,800 56%
15 Hero2 50,000 121,800 60%
16 Elite Hero3 75,000 196,800 64%
17 Legendary Hero 100,000 271,800 68%
18 Champion 371,800 72%
19 Supreme Champion 76%
20 Legendary Champion 80%
21 Warlord 84%
22 Supreme Warlord 88%
23 Legendary Warlord 92%

Sandbagging and ATU (Auto Tier Up) SystemEdit

Sandbagging, as defined by Wikipedia, is to compete in a skill-bracket or being ranked lower than one is deemed capable of. In Rise of Champions, this happens when Players superficially deflate their Battle Tier ranking by purposely losing PvP matches.

Auto tier is now based on your highest story tier halved. So T15 would be 7.5 which would round down here. So you would be T7.


  1. The Level 20 Battle Tiers were added on October 17th, 2014. With patch V1.017. It replaced the previous tier system used.
  2. The first Player to achieve Battle Tier 15 is Dakota337, on October 6th, 2015.
  3. The first Player to achieve Battle Tier 16 is Albkmart, on July 27th, 2016.
  4. Sell bonus increased from 1% per tier to 4% with V1.1 on 2nd April 2018