Old tier system replaced to improve fairness and matchmaking. Added 17th oct 2014

There are a wide range of power once people obtain level 20, So all ranks are based on power of players from the pvp wins. Any future levels added is said to be not a factor in future. Note that there are Tiers not yet reached. You get 10 points for a win. You can also get +1/-1 of tier for pvp. If victory over +1 tier gain 20 points if lose then you lose 0. If against someone of a lower Tier and Win will give 10 a defeat would give -5. For someone of same of same tier you get 10 points for a win, for a loss it is -5 points.

You can't get a +1 player if your on a losing streak.

You can't get a -1 player if your on a winning streak. (Unless the lower tier player is on a win streak,)

Ai fights can use players characters who are online and also that in story. The Ai dosen't care about tier in selection but it will be scaled down vs a high tier player. Ai power is based on your win streak vs AI. These tiers will give more points for pvp wins to tournament with +Enemy tier as points. +6 if tier 6.

Update 24th april 2015- A permanent 1% buff to gold/essence gained from selling/salvaging is now added based on tier.

Matchmaking change: Players can no longer be matched with tier+1 if on a losing streak.

Centurion 0

This is what Centurion will appear as. This is just a visual error just play on one battle with AI or player will fix. Also if you lose you can't tier down at any tier.

Tier Title Points to next Total Points needed to current tier Sell/salvage boost
1 Centurian 100 0 1%
2 Knight 300 100 2%
3 Reaver 600 400 3%
4 Elite Reaver 1,000 1,000 4%
5 Vanquisher 1,800 2,000 5%
6 Commander 3,000 3,800 6%
7 Elite Commander 5,000 6,800 7%
8 Supreme Commander 7,000 11,800 8%
9 Conqueror 9,000 18,800 9%
10 Elite Conqueror 11,000 27,800 10%
11 Supreme Conqueror 13,000 38,800 11%
12 Grandemaster 15,000 51,800 12%
13 Elite Grandmaster 20,000 66,800 13%
14 Supreme Grandmaster 35,000 86,800 14%
15 Hero* 50,000 121,800 15%
16 Elite Hero** 75,000 196,800 16%
17 Legendary Hero 100,000 271,800 17%
18 Champion 371,800 18%
19 Supreme Champion 19%
20 Legendary Champion 20%
21 Warlord 21%
22 Supreme Warlord 22%
23 Legendary Warlord 23%


* Tier 15 is highest reached with Dakota337 being the first on oct 6 2015.

**Tier 16 is highest reached with Albkmart being the first on july 27 2016.

Tier points needed to advance are confirmed up to T17 by dev.

Auto tier rating is an estimate of the high end of power ratings. The averages will be lower. Auto tiering is not fully known of mechanics. (the current values are reported or tested values at which someone auto-tiered.) It is now known that players who bought diamonds have a buffer to prevent auto-tiering. 

As game is constantly evolving tweaks to tiers and how it works can change but this is accurate at time of writing. If inaccuracy is noticed then it's possible a game mechanic changed. (please say what you change if this if ever needed so it can be confirmed.)

Update: 17 sept 2015

Added auto-tier-up (ATU) system for players with gear ratings far exceeding tier average Cases where ATU will act:
Overpowered: Gear rating extremely high for current tier
If your stronger than your tier by alot then you won't need to get all the points to tier up. The process will happen on it's own. It's likely to happen if you beat 75% of pvp fights and your above average gear rating of that tier. (unknown to normal players)

Sandbagging: Gear rating very high for current tier AND player losing

When you can normally dominate or should be able to most in tier but you lose on purpose because you won't be the top dog any-more in a tier. So you try stay in a lower tier so you can win quicker and gain alot of tournament points and giving the other players in tier un-winnable fights. Also to beat up in brawls leaving normal players unable to beat.

This only applies to people under tier 10. So once there to tier up you will need to get all the points.

Changing your gear or un-equipping won't prevent this. Your highest rating is taken so people don't try beat the system.

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