Unlocked at level 3, the Keep is the first building unlocked as building it allows the Player access to other buildings.  Ability: Produces a set amount of Gold every hour. Gold starts at 35 per hour and adds 10 more gold per Keep level. It is maxed its 225 gold per hour.The Keep can only store two hours worth of Gold at first, but can be increased through the Bank. The max level of the Keep, like all other buildings, is based on the level of the player. 
Level to unlock 3
Cost to Max 2,205,000
Boost per Level 35 Base +15
Boost at Max 225
Ability Allows to build other buildings
Level to Unlock Various player levels
Abilty2 Hold 2hours of produced gold
Unlocks at level 1
Level Cost
1 50
2 400
3 1,350
4 3,200
5 6,250
6 10,800
7 17,150
8 25,600
9 36,450
10 50,000
11 66,550
12 86,400
13 109,850
14 137,200
15 168,750
16 204,800
17 245,650
18 291,600
19 342,950
20 400,000

Note: First person to max at level 20 keep was skiloo on 16 Oct 2014.

The keep shows level 21 at cost of 463,050. If player level cap is ever increased then it can be possible to reach for now it isn't.

A message will pop up saying your not a high enough level.
Not high enough level

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