This will display guilds overall rank which can be used to compare and to progress up. This will be a work in progress and at current will be no score or value it will be based on a few factors.  

For the weekly and current rank check out here.

  1. If a guild beats another guild they will progress up to the rank of the defeated guild and the defeated guild will fall 1 place.
  2. If the win status of guilds aren't know they are ranked based on their #CR or guild xp if known to split tied or the battle group/power of guild.
  3. Guilds will only appear on ranking if they are active (note that i mean if they were active enough to be noticed, once on the ranking they will remain where ever they were until they return or are pushed down more)

On week start of June 6th 2016 (intital ranks were built up on best estimates, all weeks after will change based on wins.)

  1. Hellbound
  2. Craigcrew
  3. Bloodseekers
  4. The Wicked
  5. New Brotherhood
  6. Top esp
  7. Heaven or hell
  8. Razorbacks
  9. Schadenfreude
  10. The Gang
  11. New game order
  12. ChampionsLeague
  13. Peace
  14. Old school
  15. AnceintGuardians
  16. Alter egos
  17. Cannibal corpse
  18. Machin Shin #14
  19. Blakesminions #12
  20. Sereneguardians #8 250mil
  21. RunningBear #8 2mil
  22. IronRegiment #7
  23. Rafel #5 100mil+
  24. Battleborn #5 48mil
  25. the 13th legion #4 *
  26. BloodChampions #4 *
  27. Elementals #4 *
  28. Lost Souls #4 *
  29. Gentlemans club #3
  30. Twisted rune
  31. Singularity
  32. necromancy
  33. red brotherhood
  34. noguildtyvm
  35. blackstar
  36. mini
  37. engineers
  38. Phoneix
  39. The Dawg pound
  40. Stay calm

*are ranked by estimated power

From rank 30 onwards the guilds are just placed randomly will adjust those soon in result of gw or if #CR values are known.

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