Guild castle event

 * Guild Castles have been added! All guilds start with a base castle which can be upgraded providing additional HP during enemy attacks.

  • Castle visually upgrades every 4-5 levels (100 total levels)
  • Castle color scheme can be modified by guild leader on the Information screen (Manage) for 10,000 gold.
  • Castle color scheme can be viewed by members on Guild Progress screen.Added 5 new chat rooms (Strategy Discussion 1/2, Guild Recruitment 1/2, and Player Help)
  • Stone Blocks used in castle construction are in short supply! Griswald will reward you for collecting as many as you can!
  • 6 new "Builder Brawlers" weapon cosmetics have been added and drop randomly!
  • New "Castle Pack" added to Diamond Shop.
  • "Savage" builder weapons can be found in Stone Block rewards, the Shop, and the Castle Pack!
  • Matchmaking change: Players can no longer be matched with tier+1 if on a losing streak.
  • Tier change: A permanent 1% buff to gold/essence gained from selling/salvaging is now added based on tier.
  • Player names and score now fade in after 5 seconds during Guild Warfare battles.
  • Guild War "Hot Matches" increased to two pages.
  • AFK Brawlers now receive minimal rewards.
  • You can now click away game announcements (bottom scroller)