Gain additional health and increase your health regeneration.
— Official description
Final Charge
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Type Self Buff

110 Health

1% Health Regen

Duration 10 Seconds
Energy cost 20 Energy

Level 20

Rally Cry

Final Charge is a Warrior ability that self-heals and temporarily gives health regeneration. 

Final Charge is obtained at level 20, and allows Warriors to bolster their health pool, and subsequently their health regen in order to last longer. 

As this ability is one of the only 'healing' ablities in the game (abeit being a self-heal), it is recommended to learn it.  

In particular, Tank Warriors, especially those who innately have a large health regeneration, can utilize this skill extremely well. Tank Warriors who regenerate more health than they take and thereby becoming an impenetrable fortress are not uncommon sights. 

Damage Warriors can also use this ability situationally. By using this ability, they may attempt to survive just one more attack to defend their much more vulnerable backline. 

An important thing to note as that while the in-game description claims "(The Warrior) gain additional health", it does not actually add to your maximum health pool. Therefore, although using it when a Warrior has maximum health still gives health regeneration, it does not give the initial heal. 



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