This is the second rank in progress tasks.

Task Number


Objective Reward
1 Winning strategy Win 4 single matches 200 Gold
2 Socially awkward Enter a valid TORCH code Grand item
3 Item collector Loot 10 items 3000 Magic essence
4 A Grand old time II Loot 3 Grand (or better) items 220 Gold
5 Prospector Start 3 expeditions Grand item
6 Down payment Gain 1000 gold Grand item
7 Test your mettle Fight 5 single matches Supreme item
8 The Ancient golem Defeat the Ancient Golem (Story) 250 Gold
9 Salesman Sell 8 items 2 Tickets
10 Tasked Complete 2 full lists of Daily Tasks Supreme item
11 Paying your dues Contribute 500 Gold to your guild 5000 Magic essence
12 Novice enchanter Craft 1 item using essence 280 Gold
13 Making a name for yourself Win 6 single matches Supreme item
14 Excavator Start 5 expeditions Supreme item
15 Crafting Materials Gain 10000 magic essence by salvaging items Flawless item

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