Temporarily increase your ability to deal damage.
— Official description
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Type Self Buff
Effect 75% Damage
Duration 10 Seconds
Energy cost 20 Energy
Requires Level 16

Enrage is a Warrior ability that temporarily increases damage done by a flat amount. 

Enrage is obtained at level 16, and allows the Warrior to dish out a tremendous amount of damage over a short period of time. 

As this ability gives Warriors a damage steroid, it is an essential ability for Damage Warriors and will increase their lethality. This ability can also help Tank Warriors, who lack damage, increase their threat and damage potential. However, this ability can also be skipped in pursue of more defensive options. 

While this ability may be attractive to use, one must keep in mind that it will take a turn to take effect and will draw aggro from the enemy player towards the specific Warrior using this faculty. Using this steroid wisely will ensure that it is not wasted.. 



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