Match making was done with level, win/loss(rating) and 3 separate tiers at level 20.

This consisted of the lowest Warlord, Supreme Warlord and the highest Legendary warlord. You could only fight 1 tier above or below making middle tier get more matches and being able to fight new level 20s aswell as vets in top tier.

This became more or less what it is today on Oct 17th 2014.

Why the new system?

It was obvious that our old system was not capable of handling the vast differences between players currently at level 20.

What changed?

The update immediately added two new tiers to provide additional separation between beginners and veterans. Next we added a bunch of new tiers beyond the existing 5. This should allow additional spread as current top players continue to progress and new players continue to reach level 20.

How was my new tier determined?

We have been tracking data since day 1 and this was the first time we really got to analyze and use it for a large scale change. We analyzed player “power rating” (not character rating, though that played a part in it) to divide the population into the new starter tiers.

But now there aren’t as many players for veterans to battle!

Naturally. As a veteran, you have spent time progressing beyond the average player, many to the point where they are essentially on another level compared to other 20s. Be proud of the fact that you will no longer be placed against brand new 20s who don’t stand a chance against you!

Is it good for the community?

We certainly think so! By allowing new and average players to battle amongst one another, it will give them additional time to build up their strategy, gear, etc and slowly move up through the ranks as they should, rather than simply being foisted into the dragon’s den against the best of the best. This should lead to a healthier community and far fewer new players getting turned off by unfair beat downs.

With so many tiers, isn’t that going to make matchmaking impossible when you add new levels?

The new system was designed with longevity in mind. “Tier” is now unlocked from player level (for level 20+) and will serve as the primary variable for matchmaking. “Level” becomes a less important factor in a player’s power the higher up they go so it’s only fair to shift the matchmaking focus from leveling to winning. 

5 starting tiers  

Players got split into 5 different tiers. There was another 18 tiers above this which would fill up in time. 

There was 5 pre-set groups based on power rating. aswell as how long they played.

tier 1: brand new 20s 

tier 2: new 20s and casuals 

tier 3: average players and non-hardcore vets 

tier 4: vets 

tier 5: hardcore vets 

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