Dust has a singular but important use: to upgrade Trinkets into a higher level.

The amount of Dust needed to upgrade a Trinket to each particular level is listed below:

Level 1: Default

Level 2: 10 Dust

Level 3: 20 Dust

Level 4: 40 Dust

Level 5: 80 Dust

Level 6: 160 Dust

Level 7: 320 Dust

Level 8: 640 Dust

Level 9: ​1280 Dust

Level 10: 2560 Dust

Total Amount Needed: 5110 Dust. For the cost of next level is 10*2^(level-1) for the total cost up-to level just subtract 10. Example is The cost to level up to say level 10 from level 9 is 2560 so the total cost for level 9 is 2560-10 which is 2550.

To get dust, you must either reclaim a Trinket or a Dust Capsule.

The Dust valueEdit

Normal: 2 Dust

Rare: 10 Dust

High Rare: 15 Dust

Super Rare: 25 Dust

Epic Rare: 40 Dust

Drop chance Edit

The drop chances are now 100% confirmed by dev.

Normal: 59.75%

Rare: 34%

High Rare: 5%

Super Rare: 1%

Epic Rare: 0.25%

Cost for dusting leveled up trinkets Edit

The costs above for level 1 but when you level up trinkets and then find you have a better one and reclaim the one you no longer use you get slightly more.


Lv 2-4


Lv 2-12

Lv 3-15

Lv 4-20

High rare:

Level 2-17

Level 3-20

Level 4-25

Level 5-35

Level 6-55

Super rare:

Lv 2-27

Lv 3-30

Lv 4-35

Lv 5-45

Lv 6-65

Lv 7-105

Lv 8-185

Epic Rare:


Lv 3-45

Lv 4-50

Lv 5-60

Lv 6-80

Lv 7-120

Lv 8-200

Lv 9 -360

Lv 10-680

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