This is a page showing the developers of Rise of Champions.

On the 7th Feb 2017 Former CEO Blake stepped down from the lead role and passed this to ray.

New Commitment

To start I just want to clarify what is happening in short. We are bringing a new initiative to the game under a bit of a new commitment and direction for development and community management. This is not some 3rd party taking over the game or anything. I’ll be jumping in with much of the new development and bringing some of my team into this.


I’ve been the developer on the multiplayer side of things pretty much since the beginning. I’ve been involved in flash development and server-side solutions for web games for many years now. I have experience in dealing with large communities, and hyping up improvements through actions. I’ll be managing much of the team’s time & resources, and integrating new processes for ensuring a solid growth for Rise of Champions. This means improved community engagement, new updates and long-needed re-hauls throughout the game. I’m the kind of person that can understand you from a player’s perspective, and try to appease the general user-base for what improves the game in the short-term, and long-term. I don’t work on game’s for the money, and while money is needed, you’ll discover that I’m quite generous with my time, and with how we handle things ahead.


Lynn will be a part-time community manager. She isn’t super tech savvy, nor is she overly experienced with Rise of Champions, but she is incredible with people and will be around to chit chat regarding your thoughts on the game, your complaints, suggestions, or just for shooting the shit. I’m sure she’ll also be asking many questions pertaining to the game to better understand how everything works.


Jiggily will be the guy behind the numbers and mechanical design regarding new features. Your feedback will guide the way for the game’s future, and he’ll be the one dealing with the logistics behind the functionality. He’ll be asking questions and looking to find new solutions ahead. He has some questions he’d like to ask after.

He too, has a full-time job outside of this but will be devoting much of his spare time in assisting you and us with these processes


This is Rogier actually, the artist – he’s not new. He has been around since the beginning as well. He has several ideas he’d like to go over with you guys as he’s quite enthusiastic about the new commitment and moving forward as well.

Development Edit

For upcoming and current being worked on updates-

To Contact the dev team come to the live chat-

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