This will be to be list the major and semi updates that are noticeable today For a quick reference for the full list of updates see Full Development list.

2014 Edit

Although Rise of Champions was around 1 year in development at this month, most of the updates before were mostly coding and tweaking of almost everything.

So relevant to the present day Beta Phase 2 and on wards still effects players and since players prior to this were all reset back to level 1 everyone started off from nothing.


27th- Beta begins 2nd phase, Yog-sothoth Story event, Tutorial added, In-game chat added. Levels reset to 1.


Diamonds added as Premium currency, Maps added to shops.


Guilds can now be made.

24th- Ability to buy inventory slots.

25th- Maps can drop

28th- Gem crafting, Gems shards drop in battles

29th- Daily rewards tab added, Guild contribution limit added, Heroic pack added.


1st- Recruit progress tasks added

2nd- Fighter, veteran and master progress tasks added

4th- Wheel of luck added, Quick sell added

6th- Vip levels added

19th- Re-enchantment added, appearance change added, Daily Tasks added


19th- Status tab added

21st- Ai added to single matches

22nd- Obelisk of Kayur story event added.

26th- Abandon button added to story events.


14th- Brawl game mode added, Skulls added, Bazarr added, Plunder button added, Game interface get current look.

28th- Story and mini boss ai added to SIngle matches, Force pvp button, Loading bar in pvp


10th-Added Forts and 5 buildings, Show/hide equip/unequipped sort options.

17th- Combat Mastery added, Kayur Awakening story added.


1st- 3 Side Story events added, 3 Mutations added Fleeting, Gigantism and Aura. Locked Chests and keys added

17th- Tournament, Tier System, Tourny shop, Rp and Set old stat button added

24th- Monster Bash event


7th- Monster bash ends, Void Ritual Story added, Demonic chest added, New mutations Void Knight and Void Demon

8th- Inner Demon button added(hide demon skin), VIP "Convenience Features"

13th- Open recruitment and Guild News added

28th- Guild Btawls added, Reduced Guild creation cost to 8000


5th- Snow added, Disable Weather button

16th- "Salvage" option for VIP Convenience auto-sell, Brawl hot-keys

22nd- item Melding released

2015 Edit


5th- Screenshot mode added, Cosmetic items stack

15th- Grudge Match mode added, PVPAI progression balanced on a per player basis(Your tier and Ai streak factors)


7th- New Story Event "The Caldera" added, Story Difficulties changed, Brawls now broken up based on tiers

14th- New Story Event "The Shadowlands" added, Mutations Stack, Can get User ID on Tournament top 100. Brawl AI will be same tier range as players. Expanded brawl top tier by 1.

21st- New Story Event "The Burning One" added, Sanctum Added


29th- Guild Warfare, Added Guild Roles: Officer, Veteran, and Recruit, Added Item Ascension and essence refinery, Hot matches


4th- Mutiny option added, Refined essence added to drops. Winning guild in hot matches highlighted

12th- Guild Warfare Activity log added, Officer/Veterns Can see total guild gold stored.

24th- Guild Castles added, 1% sell/salvage bonus added to each tier, Can't fight +1 tier players if on losing streak, AFK Brawlers now receive minimal rewards.


5th- Trinkets added

28th- Bonfire Capsules added, Brawl tiers adjusted


15th- Anniversary capsules added

31st- Character slots added in crafting screen


13th- Recruitment added

25th- Revival Capsules added


17th- Brewfest Capsules added, added auto-tier-up (ATU) system, Captcha codes added


1st- Wheel of luck instant complete

14th- Halloween Capsules added

27th- Dust Capsules added, CM limit increase from 5 to 15 daily

31st- Cm now drop in public and guild brawls.


22nd- Thanksgiving Capsules added, Grandmaster Progress Quests added!


16th- Holiday Capsules added, "Alteration" added, Daily reward gold/essence/shard amounts increased. (x10 gold/essence x5 shards)

2016 Edit


12th- Lunar Capsules added, Players and guilds logs are improved to prevent account sharing and other guild rules.

20th- Respec attribute +5 button and Set old skills button added


27th- Egg Capsules added, Base cosmetics added, Skull caps doubled and vip skull bonus doubled


16th- Bonfire capsules2 added, dust caps drop in normal brawls and combat mastery reallocation.


21st- Revolution capsules added, T10+ brawls now randomize


16th- Anniversary2 capsules added

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