Combat Mastery can be unlocked with Barracks level 5.

They were implemented on 17th September 2014

The known methods of acquisition are listed below:

They add .25% of a Stat to all Champions.

The daily limit is 15 points per day (previously 5). By increasing your VIP level, you can increase your limit by one every two levels.

Combat Mastery

These are capped for 10% in each stat if spread evenly (1,520 total)

Individual stats are capped at 25%

The more you add to a stat the more rarely this will appear. 

"Random 5" stat lists are generated as follows: -Every stat is given a probability variable which is inversely related to the number of points in the stat

-A stat pool is created using these probabilities with higher probability stats (low points) representing a larger portion of the pool than low probability stats (high points)

-The "random 5" stats are selected at random from the pool and saved to the account to prevent exploiting

*Stats with 100 points (25%) are eliminated from the stat list prior to processing 

See list odds for more details and the full cost of re-rolling lists. 

They add 1 power rating for each used. 

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