There are different type of chests. Each drop loot based on rarity. Drops are the highest loot type they drop. Lowest isn't fully known yet. Plunders can increase drop rarity. See for locked chests.

Lowest to highest of the chest grades:

Level 0* 

This chest is gained from losing in grudge matches.

Losing all 5 arena fights.

Drops common to uncommon items. 

Old look

New look

Chest level 0

Chest level0

Level 1

This may look almost identical to a level 0. It's lighter in shade than level 0. With better quality of wood and metal.

Obtained by Grudge wins, 4 loses with 1 win from arena. 

It drops from uncommon to rare type items. 

Old look

New look(looks identical)

Chest level 1
Chest level0

Level 2

Obtained by Single match wins. 3 loses and 2 wins in arena. 

Drops rare to grand often. Small chance supreme and very rarely flawless.

Old look- Is Lighter in shade than level 1. It has no cracks. Has golden lock.

New look

Chest level 2
Chest level2

Level 3

Obtained by basic expeditions?  2 losses 3 wins in arena.

Drops grand to supreme, 5% chance of flawless

Old look- It's different from a level 2 because it has a golden frame except 2 stripes. 

New look

Chest level 3

Chest level3

Level 4

Obtained by 1 loss 4 wins  in arena.

Elite Expeditions.

Special Event bosses and story missions.

Drops supreme to epic at least 1.With the rest under supreme.

Old look- This has a fully golden frame. Some gems embedded on top. 

New look

Chest level 5
Chest level4

Level 5 (Legendary Chest)

Obtained by 5 wins 0 losses in arena.

Loses in brawls(reduced chance for dust 20%)

Win in brawls. (increased change for dust 25%) plus plunder

Torch codes.

Legendary expeditions. Drops supreme to Unreal

Old look- Has fully golden frame, It is red with Gold frame and embedded gold gems.

New look

Legendary chest

Chest level5

There is a difference to chest when opened. If a Legendary+ is gained there is blood on the chest.

No Legendary (at least 1 supreme to epic)                                                   With a legendary or unreal

Opening chest
Legendary item chest

Special edition chestsEdit

Hween chest effect
This can be any level of chest. This is different with the bats flying around plus brighter background light. Is only shown when a Cosmetic drops.

Drops: level grade of chest items any chest. Rare limited Halloween Cosmetics.

Xmas chest

Only drops during Frost's horrible havoc event and only when you receive a cosmetic .


During the Revolution event chests with event cosmetics loot will have fireworks.


Rising sun event

Drops during the rising sun event.

Chest rising sun