Everything has limits to what it can be. There isn't any infinite caps. Values either have a set value set by the developer. This can be changed at developers command.

Here i'll list caps on the stuff that has set caps not mentioned.

Skulls=200+(vip level*10) from kills


Some theoretical limits.

All resources have no known set cap so they will reach the 32bit c# int max. This is a value of 2,147,483,647 if signed (which normally things will be.) If unsigned this doubles but negatives can't exist.

Ascending Theoretical limit.

This value will be set to the to the max cap. Although this is physically impossible to reach giving infinite time. The number of refined essence determines what will be reachable. Once this is at it's max value the level of ascending above will require NaN amount which simply means it's outside the range of what you can get.

It is possible that there may be something refined ess will go into but it's very unlikely as to max out the refined ess will require many of the magical essence caps. So max out magical ess then convert and you can remax the magical ess.

No one has actually reached these upper maximum values in Rise of Champions.

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