Was added 14th aug 2014 along with skulls.

Is a type of game mode that involves tactical team work to take pillars of the enemy team. This is a 3v3 format. This can be pvp or AI fights. (Ai are instantly loaded in the screen of anyone in tier range only used if there isn't 6 players)

Players are matched in team based on

Player - Tier (note more tier points put you above other.)

A - 9 (1000/9000)

B - 9 (100/9000)

C - 8 (1000/7000)

D - 8 (100/7000)

E - 7 (1000/5000)

F - 7 (1000/5000)

Team 1 - A, D, E

Team 2 - B, C, F

At Brawls for T10+ it is completely random.

Read below for how brawls work.

Points are gained from Pylon Destorying +10, Spawns +1, Kills +5  and -1 Deaths

Shown at end to rank people based on that match. Otherwise nothing is gained outside of brawl.

Note: Tagging a pylon will give a pylon on same lane an extra hit before being destroyed. So if Team A tag Pylon of Team B on Lane 1 Then Team B will need to Attack Team A Lane 1 Pylon 3 Times instead of the normal 2.

See for current/past brawl tiers

Hot keys: "w" = lane 1, "e" = lane 2, "r" = lane 3, "t" = lane 4 (Note these are disabled)

Select Character using 1, 2, 3, 4 (These work though just click the lane you wish you spawn at)

How brawls work in combat

Characters use basic attacks, these are different for each class. Mages will use arcane damage, Warriors and dagger rogues use melee damage. Archer rogues use ranged damage.

For maximum output add these damage types since they give a multiplier. All damage bonus will count example if you have 10% nether on mage the mage will do 10% more but it will count as arcane. However if you add 10% then it will give a larger boost for example x1.5 or x2 giving 15 or 20% more. Same applies to archers and the melee classes.

There is also counters to these. Using warriors you can build up physical resist or arcane resist. Physical resist will reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks. arcane resist works same as mage resist vs mages. However magic resist can reduce elemental range damage while also reducing mage damage.

Quick answer

Archer rogue=any Damage (range is best)/speed

Melee rogue= any damage (melee is best)/speed

Mage= any damage(arcane is best)/ all stats or magic or speed

Warrior= physical or arcane resist(tank) or melee damage for hitter/ all stat or hp or cons (for hitter and tank)

*Speed determins the attack speed. For dagger rogues the speed is how fast they can run.

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